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Domestic Package Insurance

About Cover

Domestic Package Insurance provides protection to the homeowners/tenants against loss or damage to the private dwellings/buildings, household goods and personal belongings caused by fire, theft, floods, explosion, lightning and thunderbolt.

Scopes of cover


Damage to the buildings including fixtures and fittings, solar heating systems, radio and television aerials, walls, gates, fences, drives and swimming pools caused by fire, earthquake, storm and tempest, floods, lightning, vandalism or malicious damage.


Damage to or theft of household goods, personal belongings, and tenant’s fixtures and fittings (including interior furnishings).

All Risk

Damage to or theft of variable items e.g. electronic or photographic equipment and jewelry. Cover can be extended to worldwide.

Domestic Employees

Watchman, house help, farm workers (shambaboy) covered as per WIBA Act-2007.


Personal Legal Liability to Third Parties for Death or Bodily Injury or damage to property whilst within Kenya (includes golfer’s liability).

Underwriting Considerations

Insurers are conscious of the moral hazards of any risk i.e. the insured persons

Still and video cameras used for commercial purposes are not covered under this policy. They are covered under the All Risks policy.

Section C - All Risks cover cannot generally be provided without Section B - Contents.

It is always considered that the Sums Insured under All Risks should not be higher than sums insured under Contents Section

Selective insurance i.e. Electronic Equipments Only is discouraged as it will lead to cover decline by insurer

Requirements for quotation

A schedule of the items (or asset register) is to be provided including

A schedule of items to be insured under each category and their total values

Location of Building where the items to be insured are housed

Nature of building construction

Learn how to protect yourself, family, assets and business

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