About Us


Laser Insurance Brokers is wholly owned subsidiary of CPF (formerly known as Laptrust). CPF is a retirement benefits solutions and commercial services company with operations in Kenya and South Sudan.
The CPF Group structure is as illustrated in the picture;

Laser Insurance Brokers was incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap 486 Laws of Kenya in 2014. Thereafter, in accordance with the Insurance Act Cap 487, Laws of Kenya, the company was granted its Broking License by the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

The Company’s operation is mainly in Insurance Broking; in life and non-life insurances.

At Laser Insurance, we are dedicated to creating strong relationships with our stakeholders in mitigating risks through a sustainable approach to how we handle and deal with customers. For accountability and consistency in service delivery to our customers, we encourage the vital requirement of signing of Service Level Agreements between us and the clients.

Laser Insurance is a member of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (A.I.B.K.).


Our Guiding Principles

To operate in a fair and equitable manner.
To provide reliable services to our clients.
Need-based Broking.
To offer clients only the necessary policies they need.
To develop and grow our staff for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Vission and Mission

Vision: To set the standard of excellence in insurance service provision through innovation and exceeding customer expectations.

Mission: To provide clients with best solutions that provide protection and peace of mind through professionalism and efficient service delivery.

Our Objectives

Laser Insurance will act as an intermediary for placing of insurance business for or on behalf of our policy holders.

In addition, we undertake to carry on the business of insurance brokering by providing advice, consultation services and guidance to individuals and companies on Life and Non-Life Insurance business, underwriting, marketing of insurance and to carry out all functions incidental to insurance broking.

In the short run, Laser Insurance will establish and maintain a sufficient client base that will sustain the business by maintaining a good working relationship with mainstream insurance players through obtaining commitments for support and products for our clients in accordance with their risk requirements.

In the long run, Laser Insurance will work towards its profitability, reputation and long term sustainability through good client retention, expansion of existing business and new business, efficient service delivery offered by our professional and qualified staff. The company has a sound training program for staff that provides them the opportunity to develop their careers.