Company Capacity

No business can succeed without good people who have purpose and dedication. We are fortunate indeed to have a great team both at Head Office and in our branch operations. Because of this team, we are genuinely excited about the future prospects of our group.

Our recruitment is conducted by a very qualified Human Resource Management team that selects, evaluates and recruits properly trained staff to make sure that we have the best team for our customers. There is a continuous training and development program that ensures our team stay fresh, excited and on top of their game while serving clients.

Within our team we have a pool of experienced people with excellent knowledge in different fields of insurance and manage various client portfolios.

The insurance team is highly trained and experienced in customer service and account management (technical support, billing and collection, customer assistance and selling). We handle customer queries through our customer service support team, telephone and Internet contact, call center operations, information technology systems, direct sales teams and marketing efforts. This is to ensure that our client needs are met to an exceptional level.

Our Insurance team comprises the following members:


Name Section Tasks Assigned Years of Experience Qualification
Mr. Jonathan Marucha Executive Director IH - Laser Insurance Brokers 13 Yrs MBA, B.Com (Ins), DCII, Cert in Life Insurance
Mr. Isaac Nzainga Client Services Customer Service / Retention 6 Yrs B.Com Risk & Accounting, CCI, COP