Medical Insurance

Medical insurance provides a comprehensive and flexible cover for individuals and corporate clients for hospitalization due to illnesses and/or accidental injuries occurring within the policy period.

Inpatient benefits
Hospital accommodation.
Inpatient medical investigations & pathology e.g. CT scans, lab tests, ECG tests, etc.
Prescribed drugs/medicine.
Theatre fees and surgical appliances.
Surgeon’s & anaesthetist’s fees.
Day care procedures.
Inpatient physiotherapy.
Air & road evacuation within Kenya.

Added Benefits, at an extra cost
Pre-existing, chronic and HIV/AIDs are covered.
Psycho effective illness e.g. Depression is covered.
Maternity cover.
Free 1st Emergency Caesarean Section operation.

Treatment outside Kenya
The policy covers expenses incurred outside East Africa up to a period of six weeks from the date of travel.

The outpatient package is offered on a fund managed basis, where the client deposits money with us and we administer the outpatient benefits for them.
Advantages of fund managed outpatient services
The client chooses the benefits s/he wants.
The client may opt not to have any exclusion if s/he so wishes.
The client has the opportunity to decide the outpatient service outlets to use.

If, at the end of the year, there is money remaining in the fund, the client may choose to have the money refunded to him or rolled over to the next policy period.