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Cover provides indemnity against loss of or damage to motor vehicles, liability to third parties & passenger liability arising out of use of motor vehicles owned and/or operated by the insured.

Medical or health insurance is one of the most desirable benefits offered to employees. A good medical scheme/plan is one that provides an extensive and reputable network of Hospitals...

The policy provides compensation to employees on death from any cause. The cover can be personal or a group. It is important to provide a good insurance cover for your employees.

Burglary Insurance policy is cover against burglary and/or theft (i.e. theft following actual forcible and violent entry of and / or exit from the premises, robbery or loss during hold up).

A standard Fire Policy provides cover against loss of or damage to Insured property as a result of fire, lightning and domestic explosion. Fire Insurance is mainly an Indemnity Policy...

All Risks insurance provides indemnity against accidental loss or damage to specified items as a result of any cause (including fire) within the geographical area specified in the policy.

Domestic Package Insurance provides protection to the homeowners/tenants against loss or damage to the private dwellings/buildings, household goods and personal belongings...

Fidelity guarantee insurance provides coverage against loss suffered by an employer as a result of the dishonesty, failure in the loyal performance of duty or, in certain cases fraud...

This is a 24 hour cover that insures against accidents that may occur at work, home, while traveling or during recreation.

This policy provides cover for loss or damage to various types of goods/consignments while in transit by road, rail or any inland waterway within the geographical area set out in the policy.

This insurance provides cover for medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and other losses incurred while traveling, either within one's own country, or internationally.

Trustees are faced with a greater number of statutory duties brought into force by the Laws governing Pensions. A duty of care has been subsequently imposed on trustees...

This is a 24 hour cover that insures against accidents that may occur at work, home, while traveling or during recreation.

Directors and officers may be personally liable to any party that has an interest in the affairs of the company. These parties may include shareholders, prospective shareholders ...

A Public Liability Policy covers the property/business owners from legal liability claims which arise out of negligence from an incident on your property, even if you are not to blame.

The policy compensates the insured (Employers) against liability from death, bodily injury and disease to employees in the course of employment. The employee has to prove negligence/failure...

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